Cedric McMillan Demonstrated Some Improved Posing Skills

Cedric McMillan is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world. The 41-year old sportsman still has lots of plans and ambitions for his future professional development.

It’s interesting, that McMillan is one of a few professional bodybuilders that managed to make a career in another sphere while being incredibly successful in the sport. Cedric is a military man and he told that his military career is the main for him, while bodybuilding had always been his greatest love that grew into his second profession.

At the same time, Cedric told that his military career is never an obstacle for a great preparation and an effective training. Being a soldier, McMillan can spend several hours a day exercising. Moreover, he doesn’t need to search for an inspiration as many other sportsmen do, as he is simply obliged to do that.

Being an often participant of professional bodybuilding events and contests, McMillan regularly accepts different invitations for posing as a guest at the sports shows. Cedric is enjoying his being on a stage and he’s often bright and creative during his performances.

Recently Cedric impressed the auditory with a very creative posing. While he looked quite unusual at the stage, sports fans that were present during the event were greatly impressed and met the sportsman’s performance with loud applause.

It’s very possible that Cedric discovered some new creative ways and technics of presenting his excellent physique at his future competitions. Perhaps, soon we will see a really surprising performance during Cedric’s next being on the stage as a competitor.

Now the sportsman is enjoying some break from stressful competitions due to the off season.



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