CBS Corporation

Monday, the 3rd of august wasn’t really a gainful, money making day at the stock market for CBS CORPORATION. The company saw its shares being dipped low at a price of -0.39% in the mid-morning trading session and was now trading and selling at the cost of $53.26.

The reason behind the slight dip in the market could be that the Corporation recently announced and declared that the Board of Directors of the company have given their approval for giving the payment for the quarterly dividend to the company’s stock holders on September 10th of this year. The price of the stock is of $.15 per share and the dividend is payable on October 1, 2015,

CBS Corporation was founded in 1971 and from then has been operating as a mass media company which has its operations and showings all around the world. The company is famous for the Entertainment segment which distributes a plan of news and public affairs broadcasts, and sports and entertainment programming. The company is based in Manhattan in the Big Apple.

Union Pacific Corporation also saw the same fate as CBS in the mid-morning trading session and saw a dip in the market. The company lost -0.67%, and was seen trading at a price of $96.95.

The dip in the market could be caused by the happenings in the company. It has to be noted that the company For the second time, the company has given a statement on the water consumption and responsible administration of CDP’s water questionnaire. The company is now going to work towards making investmentsin the locomotive technology to support the rail industry while working at managing operations, infrastructure and equipment through training and awareness to enhance fuel efficiency.

Union Pacific Corporation mostly deals in operating railroads in the United States of America. The company is also responsible for offering freight transportation services for agricultural products, commodities produced from grains, counting grains,and food and beverage products as well. The company expands over 32 states in the United States of America.

Fifth Third Bancorp also saw the same fate as the top two companies. The company saw a loss at the market of -0.12% at the mid-morning trading session and was then seen trading and selling its stocks at a cost of $21.05.

The reason which can be found of the drop in the market could be because Fifth Third Bancorp recently revealed results of its 2015 company-run mid-cycle stress test which is now a requirement by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. The results, in case one has missed the announcement can be viewed on Fifth Third’s Investor Relations section of their website. The results didn’t make their stock holders happy.

The company is a diversified organization in the banking sector which has its headquarters in Ohio. The company was founded in 1858 and operates under the Ohio charter.


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