Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

The murder mystery continues where the mother Casey Anthony is accused of killing her two years old daughter Caylee Anthony. From 2011 till now this is the second case in the same format which demands an answer but the agencies have failed in it. The mystery is still on the table that is really her mother responsible for her murder?

Caylee Anthony a two-year-old toddler was killed in 2011 with her mother accused of her murder. Her mother Casey Anthony hasn’t been on the screen since then but the authorities have still failed to mark her as the culprit as they don’t have any strong evidence against her

The police staff member Schleiff said on the Casey Anthony’s mystery that ” we don’t have any closure that how and why the little girl was killed!. we are not certain if the killer was her accused mother”.

Casey Anthony
Casey and Caylee Anthony

Proceeding towards the investigation, the police department interviewed Casey Anthony’s parents; George and Cindy Anthony. The seemed to be off screen after the case has gotten fire. They didn’t give any positive clue regarding this case.

The two lope holes which point towards Casey Anthony being the real culprit are those; firstly Casey Anthony claimed that her daughter’s babysitter just disappeared.  She presented her name ” Zenaida Gonzalez”. When a lady with the same name was traced she denied knowing Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee. Moreover, she didn’t match Casey’s description. It added a main point towards the mother running away from her sin.

It is really very difficult to think of a mother killing her own daughter who is only two years of her age.

Another highlight of the story is when Casey Anthony was investigated she narrated that she had been working at the Universal Studios and she told some of her colleagues about the kidnapping of her daughter. When this statement was investigated the people at the studio denied it. Which again added to the suspicion towards the Casey Anthony.

This case is getting no closure with time. No doubt it was a horrible attempt, Killing a two-year-old little girl. Things get worst when her own mother is suspected of her attempt to murder. Still, there is no clear evidence against her. the real culprit should be revealed so that little Caylee  Anthony can get justice.