Wednesday, the 29th of July saw a decline in the market. They suffered a loss in their current trading session of about -1.22% which made the price of their shares to be traded at $82.89.

The reason behind the decline is unknown, although after releasing a statement that they will be holding a conference call on the 31st of July to discuss the financial results and information about the second quarter. The call can be assessed by the public and the company has released a number for it as well. Interested individuals situated both in the United States of America and Canada as well will be able to listen to the call. After this statement was released, it was expected that their shares will go up rather than face a down.

The royal Caribbean company, which was founded in 1997 is a cruising company. It was formed in Liberia but has its headquarters in Miami. It proudly owns 5 cruise ships and holds the title for being the largest cruise provider in the world.

Himax Technologies weren’t also lucky at the stock market as well. They saw a decline in their shares of -1.35% which resulted in the trading of their shares to occur at a price of $7.30.

No such information or reason can be found for the decline but recently the company released a statement about its plan to attend the Oppenheimer 18th Annual Technology, Internet & Communications Conference which will be held at the prestigious 4 season’s hotel in Boston. The conference will be of two days, starting from the 11th of August till the 12th of August.

Himax technology is a Taiwanese company which deals in making and developing of fabless semiconductors. It is a recent company which is just 14 years old. It is responsible for providing provides display imaging processing technologies to consumers in the electronic market all over the world. The company operates through Non-Driver Products and Driver IC segments.

Quanta Services Inc. also like the top two companies mentioned didn’t see a profitable day at the stock market. The company had to endure a decrease of -0.32% that made the trading of its shares to occur at a price of $27.72.

This is quite unsettling, since the company recently announced that it will be taking part in a conference call which will be discussing the results for the second financial quarter. Just before the conference call, the results for the financial second quarter will also be released on the 5th of August, just before the market will open.

Quanta is a US enterprise which mostly deals with the telecommunications, broadband and electric power industry, providing them with maintenance, outsourced construction and technology services. Apart from this it also provides emergency restoration services to areas where there has been an electric breakdown.


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