Cardi B gets sued by former manager “Shaft” for $10 million

Cardi B’s former manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael and his KSR Group Worldstar Management companies have sued the rapper for $10 million lawsuit which was brought forward in the US district court on Thursday.

In the lawsuit, Raphael claims that he was fired by Cardi B despite of playing a great role in her success. He has alleged that he is the one who conceived, arranged and orchestrated her career to become a known music sensation on the planet after he discovered the star when she was working at a strip club.

Raphael credits himself for taking her from the strip club to the recording studio which thus led her to become a recording artist. He also got her a role in VH1 reality television show and also helped the Love & Hip-Hop star secure a major label record deal.

As per the lawsuit, a person named Patientce Foster, who is also listed in the suit as a co-defendent, began telling the rapper that Raphael was ‘stealing’ her of her hard earned money through the side deals. That hearsay, says Cardi and Raphael to sign a contract with the management company Quality Control in the month of March, before the April 6 release of Cardi’s album Invasion of Privacy. Notably, Quality Control is also the home to Cardi B’s fiancé Offset, one third of

Raphael is now suing the star for breach of contract and defamation, according to the court documents. He is now seeking at least $10 million. Raphael has also alleged that Cardi’s contract with Quality Control last month is not valid due to her existing deal with KSR and is thus suing the company for interference with their client.

A spokesperson for Raphael said in a statement to Billboard and Variety that since the time Raphael discovered Cardi B in 2015, he has played an important part in shaping and developing her career and her public image. Although he is proud of her successful collaborations, Raphael is also disappointed with her actions to remove him out of her career, which are mentioned in detail in the complaint, the spokesperson further said. Raphael is confident that his lawsuit will validate his conduct and substantiate his legal claims, the spokesperson added.

Representative for Cardi B and Quality Control were not immediately available for comment on the matter.

Notably, Cardi B announced on Wednesday that she is cancelling several of her summer shows in order to focus on her pregnancy.




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