Car goes airborne and crashes into the second floor of the building

California: A Nissan sedan flew away from the ground and smashed into a California dental office on the morning of Sunday. The authorities said it had finally come to rest after hanging half outside the second floor of the building.

The police in Santa Ana, California reported that the car tripped on a median right outside the building and went airborne for about 60 feet ultimately crashing into the Dental Office on the 17th street.

The accident which took place at about 5:25 am in the morning terrified the guests of the motel which is right next to the dental office. Luckily, the office was closed at the time of this incident.

The police said the Los Angeles County Fire Department utilized a functional forklift and wrecker to take the car back to the ground. Among the two people inside the car, one was able to come out of it on his own and the other person was rescued by the emergency workers, a police spokesman said.

Car goes airborne and crashes into the second floor of the building

The driver reportedly admitted to the officers that he was on drugs just before the crash happened. He was taken to a hospital nearby for treatment as he suffered minor injuries, the police told. The spokesman said that the police had registered a charge of driving under the influence but that the driver had not yet been charged as he was still in the hospital.
The co-passenger suffered minor injuries too.

By the Sunday afternoon, the car was completely from the building but still, a large hole resided on the second floor of the dental office. The owner of the place could not be reached for comment until that point of time.

“Inside, it’s a major loss,” the woman, who works at the motel next door said. “It’s a big hole.” The woman, who declined to provide her name, stated it was fortunate the motel was unharmed.