Canon 5d Mark IV
(Photo Credits : Cameraegg)

Cannon EOS 5D is the most popular camera used professionally by every photographer. Its specifications and characteristics are very near to the previously circulated rumors. Let’s go for the detail review of this wonderful entry of Cannon series.

In order to purchase it online, you can go to Amazon, Adorama. The officially release price of Cannon EOS 5D Mark is $3,499. On different websites, its price changes with changes in specifications. Like if you are ordering the only body of a camera it’s different if one go for lens only. It has different features like Sensor of 30.4 Megapixel, which is used for capturing still pictures and making advanced videos of 4K without losing quality at any stage of editing. This sensor is very powerful even on low beam during a wedding or on highlights during summer. This feature also helps to go for a twisted picture at any random stage. Another advanced feature of ISO sensitivity has been added for controlling noise and volume ratio. Normal ISO ranges from 100-32000, but this version reaches up to 102400. Cannon EOS 5D Mark, is also equipped with an addition of 4K motion with JPEG video. It is also used for converting video in the still footage. Beside this, it also allows capturing 24-30 FPS.

Another wonderful feature is an addition of auto focusing in the dual pixel. The camera is capable of burst shoot of 7 frames per second, with autofocusing each image. The new entry in series also featured with ISA technology, which enables to get a superior quality of the image in an eye’s blink, with the resolution of 150,000 pixels. The camera also possesses the capability of the auto shift to different moods in accordance with light exposure. The camera also has additional quality of editing, which is embedded in camera as editing software. This feature allows it to have the dual image, one is raw and other would be edited one. Beside these feature of the camera also have the built-in Wi-Fi connection, GPS, and NFC chip.


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