Melbourne, Australia - May 23, 2016: Close-up view of Google apps on an Android smartphone, including Chrome, Gmail, Maps.

The tech-giant Google said that no algorithm update can make Google and Youtube 100 percent brand safe ever. The safety of the brands depends on how to control their own destiny” and how they monitor their ad placement.

Google head of trust and safety Arjun Narayan has said in a statement given to the AdNews at a Google event held in Singapore, “ Google and YouTube can try to come close to achieve a completely brand-safe environment, but it will never reach 100 percent.

He added by saying that in their business, the abuse is constantly changing and the company is expecting the next situation but they can only achieve near to 100 percent but not total 100 percent. Thi is not possible as the world is full of abuse and this cannot be stopped totally. During the last 17 years of service, there is not a 100 percent safe environment but there is always a close to 100 percent safe environment and this best in class.

The comment of Arjun cames after a brand safety crisis held last year in YouTube, in which it shows us hundreds of advertisers globally run their ads along with harmful contents like a video of beheading from ISIS. This squad al which hit YouTube has seen that there is a global boycott but now, Narayan said that most the boycott brands have now returned to the platform.

The company cannot promise for the total safety on Google and YouTube, but the network is constantly trying to lead players in this space and reaffirmed his commitment with respect to evolving policies and products which will help in protecting the users and advertisers. The company needs to be in front step always as the abusers are becoming more sophisticated.

When Arjun Narayan was asked in a conference about the response from the Google or YouTube about the advertiser, he said that “ We are a platform. Brand own responsibility for what content they show against. From a platform perspective, we provide them with data, transparency, and choices that they have to make .”


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