'Camera Store' Movie Review

On the eve of the transition from film to digital resident throughout the lifetime of a camera business deal with personal questions in this dark and funny story.

'Camera Store' Movie Review

The first feature Scott Marshall finds during a single day in a photo shop in a regular mall. Undoubtedly, the author / director wanted the intimate story a microcosm of personal crisis, in the midst of a company obsolete by the voracious forces of modernization. Unfortunately shop clock camera is usually feels like, well, a whole day in a photography business in a suburban mall undesirable. In a rare role of the big screen, the experienced actor and Emmy Award winner John Larroquette plays Ray, the director of “Family Photo” dyspepsia and besieged Bibideaux. The story that occurs on Christmas Eve 1994 and when you ask about the reason for providing the crop is wondering what the film in which more or less falls with the period began to increase the photography of digital.

After a previous visit, the warning protected (David James Elliott of JAG famous), Ray recognizes plans to open his own business, could be in danger. Meanwhile, chief (Paul Ben-Victor), married to the former wife of Ray (Cheryl Ladd) was saddled with a young assistant, Pete (Justin Lieberman), who quickly starts off with a beautiful young woman (Maddie McCormick) flirting Hard times.

Very little about what is happening is very interesting, with artificial situations and the dialogue of his artificial giving judgment the tense feeling of a bad work off-Broadway with an air deeply calculated. Nearly all artists go on top of a date or another, with Rhys Davies especially the landscape chewing (though fair to be that is the way to your character is written). And while Laroquette is a master of slow combustion, works with good results throughout, it ended late in the theatrical.

Despite the occupation of familiar faces from television, the camera shop is prone to the same trade fate as the consumer product in the middle. The film was obviously inspired by the experiences of the author / director, but in this case the date of the past is also a faded old photograph.

Camera Store‘ Movie Description :

  • Director : Scott Marshall Smith
  • Writer : Scott Marshall Smith
  • Cast : John Larroquette, John-Rhys-Davies, Justin Lieberman, Laura Silverman, Paul Ben-Victor,
  • Producers : Scott Marshall Smith, Robert Reed Peterson, Albert T. Dickinson III, Nichaols Cafritz
  • Editor : Ryan Dufrene
  • distributor : Provocator