Calum Von Moger Had a Successful Biceps Surgery

Calum Von Moger has already been called one of the unluckiest bodybuilders in the history. the sportsman got several serious traumas this year when having some rest in Australia. Calum had to undergo a series of surgeries and a long-lasting treatment in order to come back to professional training.

A few days ago Calum was preparing for another surgery that was aimed at helping his arm trauma. The biceps surgery was successful and now the sportsman is one step closer to his full recovery.

Calum’s traumas could become a reason for an early finish of his career. However, the sportsman decided to fight till the end and to return his competitive shape as soon as possible. Doctors didn’t give any prognosis if Calum was able to come back to professional training.

Now after several surgeries, the sportsman told he was going to start serious training in the nearest time. He shared some of his cheerful photos on Instagram, proving that he didn’t lose his spirit and managed to keep fit.


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