Calum Von Moger Revealed His Plans For 2019!

2018 brought a lot of changes to the world of bodybuilding. New winners, new stars, new champions, new surprises, celebrations, and tragedies – that’s all about 2018. The year was full of unexpectedness.

It’s hard to say that the year was unsuccessful, however, we witnessed a lot of sad stories that took place in the lives of the sport’s stars. One of those people is Calum Von Moger.

More than a year ago Calum got seriously injured while having rest with his friends. One day could turn the life of the bodybuilder into a tragedy. The sportsman could not run, could not swim and, surely, could not exercise with weights. Moreover, even some routine activities used to bring a lot of pain to the bodybuilder.

The situation became even worse when doctors told that Calum may never return to the sport. Hearing that while being on the very top of the career, having great plans, ambitions and expectations is especially painful.

The rehabilitation after the traumas took many months. Calum spent the beginning of 2018 in hospitals. The sportsman had several surgeries. He felt totally embarrassed and depressed.

The sportsman who had always been a fan of the healthy lifestyle started to smoke and to drink alcohol. It could become the beginning of the end…

However, Calum told that 2018 brought something more than just a pain, it also brought wisdom, experience, and power. The sportsman managed to overcome his depression. He decided not to give up and he started to recover.

Now, no one has doubts that Calum will return to the professional stage. He has started to visit a gym. The sportsman came back to his healthy diet. His body looks almost as great as a couple of years ago when he became popular.

The New Year eve became something very meaningful to the sportsman. It became a symbolic end of, probably, the worse period of his life. Now the sportsman expects lots of changes. He’s full of energy and great expectations.

The sportsman made his fans wonder, posting a very sincere story on Instagram. Calum was very honest sharing his fears and hopes, speaking about the nightmare his life looked like a year before.

His sincere words attracted a lot of attention. People thanked Calum for sharing his story that can be a great motivation for those who face some difficult times in their lives.

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