Calum Von Moger is Ready for the Upcoming Competitions

If you are about to start your bodybuilding career and all that you expect is quick fame and success, you’ll be very disappointed at the end. Positive thinking is a must to keep moving forward, however, the experience shows that most popular bodybuilders have met a lot of obstacles on their way to prosperity.

Calum Von Moger became a real bodybuilding sensation just a few years ago. Looking at the sportsman, at his impressive physique and special charisma, it was clear that the young man has a great future in the sport. Calum took part in several serious competitions for professional bodybuilders and he was noticed at each of them.

Moreover, he attracted the attention of the real sports legend Arnold Schwarzenegger and was invited for the role of young Arnold in his autobiography film. It was hard to imagine someone luckier than Calum.

However, things changed when the sportsman had a rest with his friends in Australia. Calum is in love with sports and physical activities. His hobbies are strongly connected with extreme and he couldn’t deny an opportunity to try some great but dangerous activities during the rest. Unfortunately, Calum got several serious injuries.

Calum began to lose the results of his hard work, his body started to change. Doctors could not give any clear prognosis about his professional return. All these factors became a reason for depression. Calum saw no chance to return his fame, he started to be unmotivated and inert. The sportsman who used to be a great fan of a healthy lifestyle started to smoke and to drink alcohol.

We all know how such stories end. However, the story of Calum is still far from it ending. A few months ago, the bodybuilder took a strong decision to come back to the professional sport. It was hard to start training again, having painful traumas, health issues, and broken hopes. But just have a look at where he is now!

Calum Von Moger managed to return his great shape, signed some attractive ads contracts, became the face of a fashion brand. Is that enough to say ‘he did it’? We will definitely see soon when the offseason is finally over!

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