Calum Von Moger is a young sportsman who became famous only a few years ago. The reason for a great popularity is not only his incredible physique but also a great resemblance of young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Moger and Schwarzenegger have very similar types of face, almost the same silhouette and body proportions. Arnold was so impressed by the resemblance that decided to meet the young sportsman and to invite him for the main role in his autobiographical film.

Calum Von Moger had to make a break in his career due to numerous traumas that he had gotten having rest in Australia last year. However, the army of his followers is still growing. Many people are interested in how a young man managed to become a copy of the popular actor and sportsman.

Calum that is always happy to share some details with his fans, including personal information, professional secrets and training routine, has also shown the point he started from.

The sportsman showed a photo of himself where he was young and just started to be interested in bodybuilding and development of great muscles. According to Calum’s words, it took him six years to develop great massive muscles and to make bodybuilding his main profession.

If you still believe that genetics play a greater role than a hard work and a strong will, you shall have a look at the early photos of Calum. Looking at the young man on that photos, you could never guess he had a chance to become an exact copy of Schwarzenegger in his best times.


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