Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Calum Von Moger May Lose His House Because Of Wildfires

Calum Von Moger is one of the most popular young bodybuilders who may have a great future in the sport. His fame has been brought not only by his excellent physique but also by his incredible resemblance of another famous bodybuilding character Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, Calum’s life is not only fame and success but also a lot of troubles that he is always ready to overcome. The sportsman got some serious traumas right after his bright bodybuilding debut and had to spend around a year trying to recover and undergoing a set of medical surgeries.

Now, when the health problems are in the past and Calum can finally concentrate on his bodybuilding career, he faced another serious trouble. His hometown in California is on fire. His friends, relatives, and even his cozy home house are in great danger.

Calum received the news while being on his trip visiting Russia. The sportsman reported that he enjoyed his trip previously. However, he was seriously worried after hearing about California wildfire.

Calum had to break his plans and to return to his home. He hopes that his presence will not only be a great support for his friends and family members but also will give him a chance to save someone’s life. Calum plans to join a group of volunteers to rescue people and help those whose houses were lost or seriously damaged by fire.

The bodybuilder received a great support from millions of people while having some troubles in his life, there also were many people from his native area who supported him and sent lots of warm words. Now Calum hopes to show how much the support of his fans is appreciated and to return them a favor taking care about people in need.


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