What is the most common reason that stops sportsmen from reaching their career goals? Unfortunately, the often reason that makes bodybuilders stop competing is health issues and traumas. Sport is a real challenge for our organism, and even the smallest disease or injury can destroy the result of years of hard work.  

The story of Calum von Moger is a bright example of that. Young, talented and very motivated sportsman became popular right after starting his professional career. However, soon after becoming popular and famous, Calum faced real trouble.

The Australian sportsman got some serious injuries during his vacation with his friends. That led to dangerous health problems and a long break in the career of Calum. The bodybuilder who was called ‘the luckiest’ was forced to spend a couple of years watching the success of his main opponents while staying in hospitals or at home.

Fortunately, Calum managed to overcome his health troubles and started 2019 with great plans and expectations. Now the sportsman looks very motivated and ambitious and he tries his best to return his physique as fast as possible.

This time the way to success won’t be as bright and fast as it was when Calum just started his career of a professional bodybuilder. However, it doesn’t look like Calum is afraid of that. The bodybuilder keeps training and has already gained some incredible muscle mass.

One of the recent videos posted by Calum demonstrates the unbelievable changes in the sportsman’s body. His improvement is very visible and it leaves no chance to hesitate that the sportsman is preparing to come back to the professional stage in the nearest future.


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