Calum Von Moger Explained The Principles Of Good Training

Calum Von Moger is a very controversial character in the world of bodybuilding. From one side, Caum is only a poor guy who got injured at the very interesting moment of his career. He has spent years for rehabilitation and still needs extra time to recover. His incredible physique was lost due to surgeries and constant pain.

However, there’s another side of Moger’s story that shows that a strong person is always a winner, even if he looks like a total loser at a moment. Despite health issues and long depression, Calum is back to a gym. He is already close to returning his excellent physique and he’s not planning to stop.  He is already close to returning his excellent physique with no excess fat

Moreover, Calum managed to use his break for some interesting projects. He stared in some films and tried modeling in a popular Gucci campaign. Moger managed to travel, to meet people, and to share his knowledge and inspiration with others.

Now, when the worse things are already in the past and the sportsman feels confident going to his aim, Moger decided to share some sports wisdom with his subscribers. The star bodybuilder selected some recommendations that, as he thinks, would be useful to young bodybuilders starting their way.

Some of Calum’s recommendations may appear too basic, however, words get special meaning when they are said by an inspirational sportsman with an incredible life story.

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