Thursday, June 30, 2022

Calum Von Moger Is Allowed to Train His Legs

Often, serious injuries and health issues become a reason to stop a sports career for bodybuilders. However, there are some people who manage to overcome their troubles to return to the competition stage again.

Calum Von Moger is one of those who decided not to give up no matter what. The sportsman was seriously injured more than a year ago and had to spend months in hospitals. Calum has undergone several surgeries and severe depression, however, he is still motivated and willing to work hard.

The bodybuilder came back to training as soon as his doctor allowed him. Fans of the sportsman have already noticed that Calum is returning his great physique and appearing in a gym more often. However, Moger was still restricted from training his legs.

Last week became a very special point for Calum. He was allowed to include leg exercises into his training routine. The sportsman decided to share the great news with his fans and Instagram subscribers, posting a short training video.

It seems like there’s nothing else that can stop Calum from following his career goals. The sportsman looks stronger and more confident than before and, surely, he feels happy to be able to make his training fuller and more effective.

Now Calum Von Moger is concentrated on gaining some muscle weight and making his body look more massive. The sportsman told that he planned to come back to the professional sport in the nearest future. However, he didn’t inform about the approximate date of his return. Some insiders say we may see Moger back next year.

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