Calum Moger Plans to Return to the Professional Stage in 2019!

The story of Calum von Moger is a bright example of how changeable a life can be. Once after a bright debut and a great success, Calum faced some huge obstacles for continuing his sports career.

Soon after appearing on a stage, Calum was noticed by sports critics and experts. The reason was not only his incredible physique but also a great resemblance of young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The sportsman was offered some interesting roles in films, he attracted an army of fans. Sports experts predicted his great future and success in his bodybuilding career. However, an unexpected thing happened.

Calum got injured while having some rest in Australia. He had to spend months in hospitals and had several injuries. It could become the end of his bright but short career. However, the sportsman was not going to give up.

Even being badly injured, Moger did his best to stay fit, he kept exercising and eating healthy high-protein meals. Somehow Calum managed to ignore worst medical prognosis and has always stayed positive about his future return to the professional sport.

Now, it looks like Calum von Moger is preparing to start a new era in his career. The sportsman may still need some time for a full recovery. However, the bodybuilder doesn’t think it can be an obstacle for making his steps back to the professional stage.

Recently the sportsman shared some pictures and videos demonstrating the process of his preparation for the upcoming season of the competitions. It’s very possible that soon we will enjoy a performance of the bodybuilder during one of the main 2019 bodybuilding contests.

It’s hard to predict whether Moger will be able to demonstrate an excellent physique after almost a year of absence, however, his will, power of character and great spirit will definitely help him to return his success soon.  



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