It is not a secret for anyone that there are good as well as bad calories in the world, but now, it its learnt that there are variations in the bad categories too.

Every food item has a potential to make a person obese and cause other cardio metabolic diseases if he/she fails to eat them in moderate quantities, especially the sweet beverages. However, the chances of getting the diseases increases even when the beverages are taken in moderate quantities that does not lead to weight gain.

A study by conducted by twenty-two researchers from University of California states sugary and sweet beverages have a major role to play in causing chronic health issues.

The study reveals all the calories are the same in terms of the effects they have on obesity and cardio metabolic diseases. The study gives an extensive review of the present science which could cause obesity, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

As per the researchers, the sugary beverages tend to increase the cardio metabolic risk than compared to the same amounts of starch. Another major part of the study was what role aspartame, the sugar substitute, plays in the diet.

The researchers discovered that in adults, the aspartame is not known to cause weight gain which may come as a surprise for several people. They also agreed to the fact that the intake of polyunsaturated (n-6) fats, which is found in some nuts and seeds and in few vegetable oils, lowers the risk of getting infected with diseases than compared to the same amounts of saturated fats. However, dairy products like yogurt and cheese, which have high saturated fats level, have been associated with reduced cardiovascular risk.

The researchers said that it will take a long time to get the precise answers on many different kinds of nutrition problems.

The study was published in the Obesity Reviews journal.


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