call of duty infinite warfare
(Image: Youtube)

The upcoming game Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is directed by Jacob Minkoff and being released on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.The previous series have been quite interesting and gathered a lot of responses. The backdrop being the solar system the fights and confrontations take place in the space. This new version has been highly estimated. The new game mechanics have created a huge buzz among the players. The players get to explore the space system and visit the various planets and satellites.

The multi-player system is an interesting aspect of the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare game. Players get the options to access different kinds of weapons while playing the game. The grenades, guns, and other energy weapons are to be utilized as tools during the combat. The players get to cooperate with each other while the game is on. Captain Nick handles the main operations in the aerial combat. While getting hold of the retribution the players can measure their progress eventually. The zombie modes are added features to the whole layout of the game. The characters get to explore the outer space. The developers and producers decided on using a new backdrop for the game so that the players could have a new experience.


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