Call of Duty
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Players can only experience the new features on the PlayStation 4 (time exclusive). This fourth update which called the Salvation DLC is very expected by the players. During this four days waiting for the update, let’s review the list of known leaked content from the new version.

As similar to any games, players need to prepare something for the big upcoming release. This Salvation DLC is an expansion, and this means this new version will be a massive update with many new features. Therefore, at least, players should prepare the game in advanced. Gotta Be Mobile have predicted that the game will be available on September 5 or September 6th. However, the new features have still been covered in secret.

All the information related to the new content is limited. However, players know that there will be a big update for the maps. It has been revealed that there will be four new maps. These include Citadel, micro, Outlaw and the Rupture. To gain the most from the game, players are suggested to experience the traditional thrill in these maps separately. The feelings and the fun gained from each of these locations should be unique. Besides, players will also have more chances to try the new cool features. These include the brand new weapons, as well as multiple bug fixes, which will be added to provide the most excited moments.

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