Black Ops 3 Revelations Cheats
(Credits: Youtube)

Black Ops 3 is a puzzle and the player who will solve that will get a prize in different ways. According to rumors Maxis and Samantha’s chat discloses the secret of third Easter egg. Of course, a player before going for fourth egg must have to find the third one. It was a great secret to getting it.

To get the third Easter egg, the player has to hit the graves by stones which will give spawn. This action leads to unhide the houses which were later in Origins. Although this revelation has been shown in-game tutorial that was not as simpler as it looks. When the player enters in Graveyard, he has to hit every grave in sequence, and he should know that which man is buried in which grave. The sequence of shooting will be like Edward, Takeo, and Nikolai.

Next stage of getting an egg is making an altar for gathering guards. The players have to get some objects for guiling in “Mob of Dead.” Third Easter egg will be on hand when a player will protect the ritual of stone, defend the zombie’s attack and also successful in pushing L’il Armies in Apothicon Holes, murdering 9 Margwa. After passing through these entire critical issues, the player will get that third Easter egg. Although through some channels revelations have been made, the critical issue was that it seems simple one in demos. These updates will help the users to make it easier to get the third Easter egg. Stay tuned for more revelation for “Black Ops 3”!!!


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