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California woman files a lawsuit against Albertsons for the self assumption as if she was on food stamps.

Written by Minahil Tausif

A 42 years old woman, Dierdre Harris recently files a lawsuit against Albertsons. She claimed that she has been mistaken for being on food stamps. As a result, she felt ashamed. The clerk jumps into a conclusion by making a self-assumption that wasn’t acceptable for the lady.

The incident took place on 27th of Jan at the Albertsons. Harris said she was trying to pull out a debit card from her phone case to pay for the items when the checkout clerk asked her if she wanted to use her EBT card.

As a result, the lady felt humiliated. The clerk asked her if she wanted food stamps. This was the time when the lady felt demoralized. Furthermore, she felt like an outsider.

She has been going on Albertsons for years. In addition, she is a native for 22 years.

Harris took this incident as a PAINFUL REMINDER. She linked it to that this reminds me of I dnt live in a post-racial area.

In the conclusion of all the happenings, she took an action. Finally, she filed a lawsuit against Albertsons and its parent company, Safeway. Harris said that no action has been taken by the manager against such a behavior by their staff. Therefore, she decided to sue Albertsons for this act of negligence. She filed a proper lawsuit against them on 10th April.

Jenna Watkinson, who is a spokesman from the Safeway mentioned that the lawsuit is not in the eyes of company officials. Furthermore, she added “However, any time we interact with a customer, our goal is to ensure that they are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy,”

No proper legal response in given by Albertsons and its parent company till now.

Deidre Harris talks about how she felt when a cashier at Albertsons asked her if she wanted to use her EBT card (food stamps).

Speaking of racism Harris is although very firm in her decision. She is waiting for further procedures.

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