BuzzFeed News Hacked
(Image: money.cnn)

The investigation published on Tuesday about OurMine by reported Joseph Bernstein triggered the attack on BuzzFeed News on Wednesday morning. The aftermath of the attack left some articles on the site’s homepage with a headline “HACKED BY OURMINE” and it was also advertised on the group’s website at This type of vandalism is similar to other attacks by the said group. There was also one altered article that read “Hacked by OurMine team, don’t share fake news about us again, we have your database. Next time it will be public. Don’t F*Ak with OurMine again”

Immediately after the incident, BuzzFeed posted a tweet and said that they were “Working to restore the altered articles, including the original report on the group” After a few hours, traces of the cyber-attack were nowhere to be seen.

The site did not release any addition commentaries regarding the BuzzFeed News Hack, especially how the system was breached in the first place. Past incidents pointed that OurMine was using passwords that were leaked in a large-scale in order to access other accounts whereas someone else had used the said password again. This incident strongly shows the danger and risk of reusing passwords.

Our mine has released a statement regarding the BuzzFeed News Hacking incident in a blog post on Wednesday. The blog post read: “Why we hacked it? Alright, yesterday Buzzfeed Created a post that we are only 1 member called Ahmed Makki, and we can confirm that we don’t Have a member called ‘ Ahmed Makki ‘ and we are now 4 we were 3 but someone joined, and we hacked it because they are reporting fake news about us :)”


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