Busta Rhymes Joins Kai Greene to Work Out Together

Busta and Kai spent the day in gym training together. Two celebrities looked happy and satisfied. Yet Greene said that training together is not their only project. Busta Rhymes and Kai Greene may also collaborate for a new music video.

Kai Greene is one of the most motivated sportsmen in the world. He’s been through many troubles, yet has never given up his dreams. Perhaps, this made Kai a perfect motivator, role model, and an example for thousands. Add here his creativity, good temper, and an excellent sense of humor. Isn’t now Kai Greene a perfect training partner?

Busta Rhymes definitely thinks that training with Kai is a good idea. Busta is a great bodybuilding fan. And seeing him in a gym with sports celebrities is not a surprise. Yet exercising with Greene was really an outstanding experience. Kai shared a photo with Rhymes on his Instagram.

He also wrote about how important it is to reach the top-level of one’s potential in everything. Kai and Busta looked happy training together. It was a great day with a super-effective workout. Later the sportsman also shared another post. He intrigued his fans, saying that later Busta and Kai will also work on a song together.

Busta Rhymes also mentioned the training day on his Instagram. He thanked Kai for the training. Rhymes also asked King Kai to meet again and again. Fans of both celebrities were excited to see them together.

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