Emmy Rossum’s
Emmy Rossum’s

Burglars Attack Emmy Rossum Los Angeles Home!  Lost worth $150,000 Jewelry and Cash.

Emmy Rossum’s
Emmy Rossum’s

Whoa! This year has just began and is proving to be a good blow on Hollywood’s socialites and famous actors, actresses, entertainers and singers’ wealth. Emmy Rossum is the new victim!

Yes, you read it right, Emmmy Rossum the thirty year old, singer, songwriter and actress known for her role in hit season Shameless and movies like The Day After Tomorrow and The Phantom of Opera has lost $150,000 worth expensive jewelry, cash and personal belongings.

Looks like a new Bling Gang is in action and trying hard to conceal their heinous chain of robberies that has taken the Hollywood by storm, last year fall it was Kim Kardashian in Paris who was traumatized and robbed by the burglars and the list this year seems to be expanding.

Emmy Rossum’s burglary case is being handled by competent Los Angeles Police Department officer Liliana Preciado who has officially said that the burglars broke into actress’ Hollywood Hills’ house sometime between Wednesday and Friday and was reported on Tuesday, 28th march 2016.

According to Los Angeles Police Department officer Liliana Preciado the burglary took place on 9700 block, San circle, Beverly Hills and valuables worth $150,000 were looted.

The 30 year old shameless star, Emmy Rossum took to twitter on Tuesday morning to thank Los Angeles Police Department saying she thoroughly supports and encourages the efforts and dedication of LAPD.

This burglary is not the first incident of the famous Hollywood Hills but in fact could be an indicative of a pattern of robberies going on since last year when we asked Los Angeles Police Department officer Liliana Preciado to comment on this she stated that she is not fully aware of any association and pattern in the series of robberies but they are making their full effort to ensure the safety and well being of resident of Los Angeles.

Shameless star Emmy Rossum, previously received numerous threats through twitter for voicing her opinion during the Elections 2016.

The Burglars entered into the actress’ house through the rear patio window and switched the alarm off and luckily found the safe open they looted her belongings worth $150,000. The robbers did not have to make much of an effort now did they?

Nearly one decade back the socialites like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were robbed by a “bling ring” and looks like they are back in action. Since the advent of 2017 numerous robberies were reported from the homes of the famous Hollywood stars and socialites.

Is this the same “Bling Ring” robbing them now? Well, only Los Angeles Police Department can answer this question.

Earlier on the 16th of this March, Kendall Jenner, the famous Victoria Secret model and Reality TV star lost nearly $200,000 worth of her jewelry, cash and personal belongings. The burglary took place at her famous Hollywood Hills home. Burglary took place when the model wasn’t at her home between 12:00pm noons till 8:00pm night. Until 1:00am the model didn’t realize the burglary and informed LAPD late that night. Jenner is increasing her security day by day and thinks that some insider is involved in her burglary case.

Famous singer and Hollywood socialite, Alanis Morissette was stripped of her valuables worth whooping 2 Million Dollars, like Kendall Jenner luckily the musician was not at her Brentwood House when the burglars broke into her house.

Other sufferers include the famous reality star and entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian who was robbed last fall In Paris and still suffers from Post traumatic stress disorder. The other victims include the renowned singer and performer Nicki Minaj who was rubbed earlier in February 2017 at her Beverly Hills mansion. The Burglars vandalized and destroyed her estate property and her looted $200,000 worth jewelry, cash and personal belongings and once again Nicki Minaj was not at home at the time of robbery.

So we can assess a pattern over here the burglars break in when the owners are not inside the house and security is minimal hence giving them full opportunity and time to complete their robbery successfully.

Well, this seems like an insider job who knows when the owners are not going to be around.  Looks like Hollywood Hills is not that safe anymore and word for all the stars is keep your security on high alert and do not, I repeat trust anyone! Better safe than sorry.

Let’s hope and pray that our beloved star Emmy Rossum and others are safe, secure and not traumatized anymore, our condolences on their loss and heartfelt best wishes for their future.

I would like to sign off with the message that justice will prevail until than stay safe and take good care of yourself and everyone around you.