Pokemon Go Buddy

Over the weekend, Niantic, the developer of games like Pokemon Go released a blog that let players know about the intentions of the company giving an update to the app to allow it run on iOS version 1.7.0 and Android version 0.37.0.

The next major update to the game will be the Buddy Pokémon, a feature that has earlier been spoiled by fans after they dug through to get the code and got details regarding the buddy system. However, despite those challenges, it is now official that the next big update, Buddy Pokemon is happening. You can now choose this system for your trainer during the next update.

Some of the main features of this update and which Niantic had explained in a previous post include implemented Buddy Pokémon where the trainers are going to select one of their Pokémon as their buddy. By walking a certain distance, a trainer can earn themselves Candy for their Buddy Pokémon.

The update has also made it easy for the game players to select smaller Pokémon right on the screen.

There was an issue with Eggs where sometimes they could hatch without showing the animation, and this is something that is fixed in the new update. Players are going to experience improved performance with the game, especially when a device has to switch networks so that it does not cause the application to stop updating or hangout.

Another feature is that there is going to be a Pokémon GO plus support and some minor text fixes. These changes are highly welcome, and they will make the social play very exciting to the gamers. While the peripherals aren’t going to be for every trainer, at least hardcore players are assured that they will enjoy the features the moment they go on sale. It is expected that the update will arrive on all smartphones by the end of the week.


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