The musical legend from Louisiana passed last Saturday at 1:32 a.m. says Dural’s longtime manager Ted Fox. According to the Ted’s post in the musician’s website, Ted is grieving the loss of his best friend and colleague of more than thirty years/

It has been reported that Buckwheat Zydeco dead at age 68, has suffered multiple health problems during the years before his death. To mention a few, Dural was fighting lung and throat cancer.

Fellow Musician Sean Ardoin shared a statement with CNN recently regarding the news that Buckwheat Zydeco dead. “His music captured the food, music, language and dancing — the way of life for people in the region,.” Moreover, during Sean’s last visit to Dural’s hospital room in Lafayette Louisiana, he says he was inspired to “take the music to another level”

Dural definitely had a legendary brand of music that was rightfully brought honor to the south Louisiana Creole culture and as expected it has earned him numerous awards, including a 2010 Grammy and an Emmy.

The recent news of Buckwheat Zydeco dead will surely have fans reminisce how Dural performed his own traditional music and ventured to create covers of songs. One of the notable mentions is ‘Hey Joe’ by Jimi Hendrix since it was given a total makeover – Dural style. The late artist also performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival regularly and his career even went as far as giving him to honor to be part of the closing of the 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta.


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