Wednesday, the 29th of July wasn’t a very profitable day for Brookdale Senior Living at the stock market since it was faced with bearing a loss of -0.85%, which made the price for its shares to be traded at $32.51.

The company recently announced that it is going to declare the results for the financial second quarter on the 3rd of August. The results will be announced just before the market opens on Monday. Apart from this the company will also hold a conference call on the next day (the 4th of August) to discuss the results it has just announced. The conference call can be heard by interested individuals by dialing the number that the company has also released. The call has been termed as Brookdale Senior Living Second Quarter Earnings Call.”

Brookdale Senior Living is a company that deals and manages the assets of the senior citizens and residents. It was founded in the late 1970s and is situated in Brentwood, Tennessee. The company boasts the title of being the largest operator of assets of the senior residents. They have 55 thousand residents under their banner which are catered by thirty three thousand employees. The company mainly targets the senior residents of the lower and upper middle class. It also has senior citizen resident centers as well.

Synthetic Biologics Inc. also suffered the same fate as Brookdale senior, they were also subjected to face a loss of a massive -3.32%, that made the costs of its shares to drop really low at $3.20.

The company recently announced that it will be conducting a placebo based study on the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C). The company should have faced a high on the market after making this announcement, but maybe the news didn’t go well with the stakeholders and the company had to face a low.

Synthetic Biologics is a company which mostly deals with clinical trial studies. It develops medicines and drugs which are mostly targeted at serious diseases and infections.

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp also suffered the same fate as the above two companies. It also saw decline in the market of -2.44% that caused the trading of its shares to go at a price of $0.423.

Although after the company made a major announcement they should’ve seen an incline rather than a decline. They announced that they had recently gotten a Notice of Allowance from the USPTO which sponsored and covered the configuration and methods of use for rxRNAori® compounds that mostly are used to target (MAP4K4). These compounds are thought to beadvantageous for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and/or metabolic diseases. Whenever the patent will be issued, it is going to expire in 2029.

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp is a company which mainly targets on finding and developing therapies for the subjects of ophthalmology and dermatology. Apart from development of therapies, it also deals in arranging and developing clinical trials.


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