The Classic Physique division was formed not a long time ago. If you compare it to the Men’s Open Bodybuilding division, you can only a very few differences. The problem is that many people can’t tell the divisions apart and don’t know which special features each division has.

Perhaps, that is the reason why so many representatives of the Classic Physique division insist on including new rules and regulations in the official program of the most important professional competitions. No doubts, the newly created division needs some minor changes and improvements in the organization of professional contests. However, not all bodybuilders believe that changes are so necessary.

Currently, there are a lot of rumors around the vacuum pose. Many competitors think the pose shall be included in the program of competitions. They say it will help to evaluate muscles and body proportions of sportsmen better.

While many managers are already thinking about the offer, there are those who think that the new pose can be a useless waste of time for the contestants and jury. One of the people who doesn’t support the idea is the current Olympia champion of the Classic Physique division Breon Ansley.

Breon who became the Olympia champion in the Classic Physique division thinks that the traditional competition program is good enough to evaluate the physique of participants. The sportsman explained his position in one of his latest interviews. Watch it to know why Breon is against the offered changes.  




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