Breon Ansley Showed His Preparation Routine For IFBB Yamamoto Pro Cup 2019

What would a sportsman do after losing his champion title? Breon Ansley decided that the best way to take his Olympia loss was to start preparing for another contest as soon as possible, using the best fat burning steroids

This year Olympia turned into a real battlefield between the world’s best bodybuilders. And this was not only about Men’s Open division. Surprisingly, the Classic Physique category became a matter of interest for many sports fans as well. The reason for that was an epic fight between two talented sportsmen Chris Bumstead and Breon Ansley. 

Unfortunately for Breon, he was vanquished by Chris Bumstead. Ansley was close to the victory but took only the second place in 2019. However, Ansley decided not to slow down. The sportsman joined Italian IFBB pro contest only a few weeks after Olympia.

Ansley impressed judges with his excellent physique and became the winner in the Classic Physique division. Looking at some highlights from the contest, it’s easy to imagine that Breon got his victory easily. However, preparation for the competition became huge stress for the sportsman’s body.

Breon showed what stood behind his spectacular victory and how hard he had to work before stepping at the bodybuilding stage shortly after Olympia.


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