Doctors always wondered about the spreading of the breast cancer in the patients within the 18 months after dong lumpectomy or mastectomy. According to a study, it suggests that the wound healing process helps in spreading cancer after the surgery.

The immune system of the patient work to heal the surgical scar that is left after treatment. It helps to prevent the cancer cells from spreading which have wandered far away from the tumor site. A study which was published on Wednesday in Science Translational Medicine said that the cancer cells are a fee to grow and can become new dangerous tumors in another part of the body.

Robert Weinberg, a senior author and a biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy said that the surgery is not actual but it is a post-surgical wound response and it is provoking as disseminated cells begin to grow clinically detectable metastases.

The same study suggests taking an anti-inflammatory drug which is said to be a simple solution. The therapy did with the help of anti-inflammatory drug help in keeping the immune brake engaged in mice and prevent the spread. The research done in the people hinted that the same benefit occurs in them, although more studies should need to confirm this fact.

Michael Retsky who is an oncology researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and University College, London said that the research that he had done in people is not definitive but it has convinced him about the benefits that are real.

In another study, it shows that the breast cancer patients who have taken the inflammatory drug Ketorolac for few days around the time of surgery will be five times less likely to have cancer spread than people who did not take this drug.

Retsky added by saying that sometimes surgeons don’t like to give anti-inflammatory medications during and after the surgery as bleeding problems occurs which can be controlled. The trials of drugs will soon start in Nigeria in order to know the benefits of adding Ketorolac which is used as opioid painkillers.


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