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Breakdown of Biggest WrestleMania matches Today

WWE WrestleMania 32 is just around the corner. On this Sunday we will see all the biggest matches this company has booked this year.

A series of injuries has thinned down the roster for this WrestleMania 32. With the likes of John cena, Seth Rollins and Sting the company has lost many of the great wrestlers to book for this year’s mania.

Hell in a Cell match

Undertaker’s matches at WrestleMania are always big and worthy of creating hype before the match takes place. His opponent this year is the only son of the owner of WWE Shane McMahon.

He has not been seen on WWE since May 2009. Shane made his return in the WWE this year and demanded Monday Night Raw from the Authority. It looks like he has intentions and plans to turn some wrongs into rights by taking control of the flagship television show.

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The three elements which were added to spice things up were the type of match chosen and the clause that if Shane wins he will get the authority over the WWE Monday Night Raw and if Undertaker loses he would not be able to compete in WrestleMania matches in the future manias.

No Holds Barred Street Fight Match

After the Royal Rumble it was more likely that Brock Lesnar would face Wyatt family at the grandest stage of them all but it turn out to be not the case.

The direction changed shortly after February’s Fastlane pay per view. There was a triple threat match to get the No.1 contender for WWE World heavyweight Championship match against Triple H at mania.

Roman reigns won the match and became the No.1 contender. Lesnar and Heyman accused Dean of the loss they faced on Fast lane because he was ganging up on Brock Lesnar with the help of Roman Reigns.

Heyman and Brock believed they would have won the match if Dean Ambrose wouldn’t have been involved in the match at all.

Dean challenged brock lesnar after getting a good beating from him for a No Holds barred Street fight match. Brock accepted the challenge fearlessly as he’s the beast incarnate and the most dominant wrestler in the roster of WWE potential wise.

It would be no surprise if brock wins but it wouldn’t be a good thing either if Ambrose loses since the lunatic fringe receives consistent positive response on daily basis.

Roman Reigns vs. Triple H

Reigns and Triple H would come up against each other on the event of WrestleMania 32 this Sunday at AT&T Stadium. Usually a Wrestler wins the Royal Rumble match and gets a title shot at WrestleMania but this year the operating procedure for the big mania match was different. Reigns got the opportunity to fight against Triple H by defeating Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose at Fast lane in a Triple Threat match.

This Match would be hard to predict since both the competitors have a good chance and reasons to win the match.


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