Brandon Curry Looks Great Weeks Before Olympia: Will the Reigning King Be Dethroned?

The victory of Brandon Curry was quite expected. The sportsman has always been a talented and gifted bodybuilder. Yet will he stay on the Olympia throne in 2020? Taking into consideration the return of several bodybuilding giants, that’s a big question. Some updates help us to evaluate Brandon’s chances on the second great victory. Have a look!

It’s not easy to keep the champion title if you are the Olympia contestant. This competition unites the best-looking, strongest, and most motivated sportsmen who are ready to battle for victory. That’s why every champion feels very insecure before the upcoming event. Brandon Curry is not an exception!

No doubt Brandon looks perfectly muscled and lean. Yet his competitors are the best bodybuilders in the world. Won’t his glory fade in front of Phil Heath or Kai Greene (his return is still a big mystery)? Despite his great achievements, Curry is at the risk of giving his crown to somebody else this year.

Yet Curry is not the one who gives up easily. The sportsman does his best to upgrade his physique to a totally perfect level. A recent video update showed that Curry looks more of a beast than a human. The bodybuilder is bulkier than ever and has unrealistic superhero arms.

Fans of the sportsman were shocked by his positive transformation. Some are sure Brandon is ready to win Olympia again. Others are worried about his future destiny. Perhaps, it’s too early to predict Curry’s future victory. Yet it’s the right time to enjoy watching his amazing result!

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