Brandon Curry Looks Freaky Massive These Days

Brandon Curry is a real inspiration for thousands of sportsmen worldwide. Having no insane genetics or strong moral support, Brandon just started his way in professional bodybuilding, trying to be nothing more but another Olympia contestant.

Once Curry was one of the worst Olympia bodybuilders, struggling for a chance to be on the biggest professional stage. Where is he now? Today Brandon Curry is a famous and successful sportsman with incredibly high chances to become Mr. Olympia in the nearest future.

Curry knows that hard work and self-discipline is the only way that leads to the top. He managed to get more than he used to dream about, however, he’s not going to stop. Brandon keeps training like a beast and never stops growing.

Now, Brandon looks bigger than ever before. He works to make his hands and legs insanely massive and it makes him look impressively. If you compare some of the recent Brandon’s photos to those that were taken a year ago, you can easily notice the great difference and guess which amount of work stands behind his recent changes.

That’s simply unbelievable how a sportsman can change in a year! However, will this transformation lead to a better result at the contest? We still have 13 weeks to think about that.



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