Friday, May 7, 2021

Brandon Curry Got Injured Week Before 2019 Olympia

This year the Olympia contest will be held without some of the greatest and most interesting bodybuilding characters. Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, Big Ramy, and Nathan De Asha are more likely to skip this year contest. Moreover, news about Kai Greene’s comeback turned out to be nothing but rumors.

Brandon Curry could also be in the list of those who we are going to miss during the Olympia event due to an unpleasant accident in a gym. However, it looks like Curry is lucky enough to compete. The incident that made Brandon’s fans worried happened a few days ago.

The sportsman was training in his gym when something went wrong and a part of a training machine fell down on him. Curry injured his finger and hit his head. Nevertheless, Brandon’s traumas are far from being serious and won’t stop him from competing at 2019 Olympia.

Fortunately, the sportsman confirmed his being well and healthy and told he continued his preparation for the upcoming contest. In addition, Brandon asked his followers to remember safety rules while working in a gym.

Brandon is called one of the possible Olympia winners this year. He has an excellent physique, top posing skills, and whole arsenal of supplements for fat cutting, that may help him to get a top place when his main competitors are out of the contest this year.


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