As the 13 young soccer players and their coach who are trapped in a flooded Thailand cave are still being rescued, the world has been hoping that they return back to the surface safely.

However, with the entire group being stuck inside the dark cave since more than two weeks, and that too under severe emotional distress and body stresses, it is being estimated that they may have caught the deadly histoplasmosis disease, an infection of the lung that is also called as ‘cave disease’ or the ‘spelunker’s lung,’ that is caused due to inhaling the spore from the animal waste.

As per the medical experts, for those who are healthy, histoplasmosis can just cause a little of fever and cough but those who have a weak immune system, mat begin to cough blood and could even die if the disease does not get treated on time and spreads across the body.

Around eight boys have already been rescued over the weekend are under isolation and are not being permitted to even hug their parents, as the doctors continue to examine them for histoplasmosis and any other health conditions, while at least two boys are already suffering from lung infections basis the blood tests and the others are likely to be infected even though the tests are still pending.

The group who remain to be stuck in the dark cavern since June 23, survived till the time they were discovered 9 days later by just drinking water which dripped down from the stalactites which were hanging just above them.

The boys received food only after the rescuers found them. They slowly gained a little of strength before the rescue mission of diving them out the cave was initiated over the weekend.

The officials said on Monday that the sickest of all the boys were removed out first, as the remaining five members still were inside.


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