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The overwhelming popularity of animated movies has revealed that in the new get-up-and-go future we’ll need to think the impossible is possible. With all those animals conducting the human behavior, animated movies are the die-hard favorites now and the millennium has brought amazing master piece sin the genre of animated classics. Zootopia from Disney movies is an existing example of such refined presentation, entirely revolving around animated characters with all perfection.

It would be a vile injustice if those imaginary settings are not addressed while reporting about the film .Zootopia is the zoological city where animal residents from every landscape reside gleefully whether they are predators or prey. Imagine those tundra zones with rain forest sectors and the Sahara square, all linked to the animated metropolis of Zootopia .The settings are displayed magnificently on the screen. A competitive directorial team of Byron Howard and Rich Moore with the coordinator Jared Bush team up to blow life in the screenplay crafted by Bush and Phil Johnson’s. Previously Disney movies were focused on fairy tale type themes but now you can feel the difference in this animated motion picture where social dilemma is maturely taken in hand.

The Plot:

The story initiates with the centered character, Judy Hopps, a pastoral rabbit, (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin), who dreamt to become a cop in the urban Zootopia. To get his goal the town rabbit completed his course from the police academy and successfully recruited as the first bunny police officer in the Zootopia police department. However, to achieve his desire he has to face intense criticism and discourage from his native fellows and co-workers. The prejudice evolved in the movie when Judy is assigned as a traffic sergeant as his boss has no faith in Judy’s talent . Later, as the general tracks follows, Judy has soon got a chance to resolve a mysterious case. And now his is all prepared  to reveal his hidden abilities in Zootopia.

Accompanied by the swindler and witty, con-fox, Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman) Judy accepted the risky assignment of finding the missing fellows and other mysteries embed in Zootopia. Judy and Nick join hands to explore Zootopia gangland to dig out the lost figure. The relationship was not at all affable in the beginning but soon they proceed like a single soul. The climax is very expressive with the issue resolved dealing with the subject of racial injustice and chauvinism

Besides addressing a grave subject of social injustice ,the animated feature is  a hilarious treat for the audience .Not only the physical comedy is engraved skillfully ,but the dialogues specially vocals from nick has blasted laughter in the theatres.The humorous reaction from Judy’s parents upon hearing Judy’s aim of becoming an officer is –the best piece of the animated clips .

Release and Trailer:

The thriving trailer for Zootopia is now featuring Shakira’s “Try Everything,” is here! Book your tickets to see the animated magnum opus releasing in 3rd March 4!


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