The Boss Baby
The Boss Baby

Soon Boss Baby will steal the number one spot from the box office blockbuster Disney’s feature film The Beauty and the Beast.\

The Boss Baby
The Boss Baby

Boss Baby is giving high budgeted Disney’s Blockbuster movie Beauty and the Beast a very tough time indeed, stealing all the limelight from the Disney’s blockbuster; Beauty and the Beast, Boss Baby has shocked everyone from the audience to the producers of the movie.

Who could have thought that the animated movie would do so well on box office?

The animated movie Boss Baby was released earlier this Friday, March 31st, 2017. The movie revolves around the main character Tim Templeton who is a seven year old boy living life to his fullest along with his parents Ted played by Jimmy Kimmel and Janice played by Lisa Kudrow.

Tim Templeton as a young kid is played by Miles Christopher Bakshi and as an adult by Toby Maguire who has a suit donning and a briefcase carrying baby brother and is famous for his slogan “you are fired!”

It is interesting to see how a briefcase carrying and suit taxing baby boy plans and plots to stop the CEO of Puppy Co alongside his brother Tim Templeton.

The film starts will Tim’s parents Ted and Janice loving him and giving him all the attention but one day a suit donning baby boy stands at the door of Tim Templeton’s parent’s house. Tim Templeton is jealous by all the attention his baby brother is getting but is consoled by his parents Ted and Janice who teach him how to love his brother.

Tim is suspicious about the way his baby brother acts around his parents and how he talks in an adult voice and acts like a boss, soon he realizes that it is because of the milk that Tim Timpleton’s baby brother is drinking. Tim seeing this as a life time prospect to get rid of his Boss Baby brother who has  a mind of an adult tries to record a conversation between the Boss baby and his mates but is caught by them.

Boss baby tears Tim’s favorite stuffed animal and makes him suck on a pacifier. Tim now with no proof to give to his parents is grounded and held accountable for chasing the infants.

The Boss Baby
The Boss Baby

Tim is devastated by all this and later realizes by overhearing boss baby when he explains to his mates that why did he choose Tim’s house. Since Tim’s parents work for Puppy and Co and Boss baby’s plan is based on the fact that puppies are getting more love than infants.

Evil plan I must say!

Tim after sucking on the pacifier is transported to a baby land where babies with adult minds plot how to secure infant love, since they are virtual babies no one can catch them but here is the twist;  boss baby can only stay boss baby if he keeps on taking the potion named “secret baby formula” as soon as the infants stops taking it and had not had it for some certain period of time he loses its ability to think and talk like an adult.

Boss Baby plans to arrange a meeting with the CEO of Puppy and Co, let’s see if Tim can stop Boss Baby from his dandy mission.

Boss Baby is an instant box office success and has been giving Disney’s blockbuster the Beauty and the Beast a very tough time!

The cast for the film includes Toby Maguire, Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow is directed by Tom McGrath and produced by Ramsey Ann Naito

The film has already grossed $45 million and is expected to surpass The Avatar, Ghost in a Shell, The Spiderman, The Avengers: age of ultron, The Jurrasic World and last but not the least Rogue one.

The Boss Baby is already a box office success with an occupancy rate of 70% to 80% around 3,773 locations. This boost was credited to Friday being an off day for school children throughout the United States of America due to Sir Chavez Day. Well kids surely enjoyed the long weekend now.

Alec Baldwin is famous for impersonating President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live with Jimmy Kimmel. The Boss Baby’s slogan ‘you are fired’ is exactly what President of the United States of America President Donald Trump is famous for.

So were Jimmy Kimmel and Alec Baldwin taking a dig at the President Donald Trump?

Go out this weekend and enjoy yourself with your family and watch The Boss Baby before President Donald Trump bans it!

Hahaha. Go out and book your tickets today and watch Boss Baby