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For those of you out there who love action movies, Boone: the Bounty Hunter is most certainly going to be one movie that you are going to love in 2017. Starring some of the most well-known fighters such as John Hennigan, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, a well-known all-time hero, Kevin Sorbo, Spencer Grammer, Lorenzo Lamas and young star Osric Chau, Boone is definitely going to be one movie you will not regret seeing.

The movies following Boone, who is a fame seeking reality bounty hunter and his crew while they are trying to simply Boone celebrities like for example Kevin Sorbo. However, when Boone finds out that, his show is about to get canceled because of bad ratings, he’s doing everything in his power to bring the ratings back up keep his show running.

As a result, he decides to take his crew and go all the way to Mexico to catch actual criminal. Of course, things do not turn out exactly as Boone may have thought when, his crew gets arrested in Mexico and Boone find himself between a decision that will be either based on ambition or justice.

The film has great stance, incredible action scenes, a lot of chasing and of course, a lot of explosions. The right film for anyone who lives action movies. After all, the film was written and produced by the star of the film, John Hennigan who is well known for his career as a WWE fighter. So there is absolutely no doubt that, the fight scenes are going to be incredible. Hennigan has already stated that, as a child he grew up watching action movies and that he knows exactly what people want from them. So, he make sure that he has created something that, as a child he would have wanted to see and that, people will love today.

For all of you out there who do love these kinds of movies, make sure that you are going to catch Boone: the Bounty Hunter when it will debut on VOD on May 9th and then be available on DVD exclusively in Walmart on June 6th, 2017.