bones season 12

Season 12 will be the final season for the hit drama series Bones, starring David Boreanaz. The Bones Season 12 is said to be on 2017 and with it a lot of possible twists and new characters to be added into the already complicated mix.

One of the things fans may expect on the Bones Season 12 is that there I a possibility that Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) will actually tie the knot. While Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan will be pursuing the serial killer via going undercover.

According to News Everyday, Brennan was actually kidnapped by Zack (Eric Millegan) and this may lead to an encounter and possibly the revelation of the real face of the Puppeteer. Naturally, Booth will do his utter best to locate and save Brennan as he definitely wants to keep her alive throughout the final season of the show.

While waiting for the Bones Season 12 to arrive, fans are also expecting that the last season will show the serial killer’s life. Moreover, the season is expected to have multiple character deaths as it builds up for the finale. Speculation suggests that all the upcoming deaths may turn out to be connected to the cases that Booth dealt with through to years. If that is true, then this will definitely be a big finale.

As for a few spoilers, the last season will, of course, give an ending to all the characters’ storylines and there is said to be the upcoming unfortunate ending for Zack. It seems that in an effort to save Brennan, he will meet his doom. An event darker ending would be that Brennan, even after all the effort to try and save her, will also die in the hands of the villains in the season finale.


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