new york bomb attack
(Image: latimes)

From few blocks away from a bomb blast, the investigators found a big lead in the case which is found in the wiring of pressure cooker bomb. The security camera shows the same man in both sides of bomb sites and is expected to be the main suspect.

The injured 26 people are sent to their homes and the authorities of the main city of USA have appealed the public in finding the culprits. The mayor of NY and Law enforcement agencies have said that without being known who is behind this attack, it is not right to call this a ‘Terror Attack.’

The Suspicious Device found four blocks away from the blast was a pressure cooker bomb designed with dark colored wired attached with a telephone. The blast was occurred during the peak hours of 8:30 pm on 23rd street and on 24th street the pressure cooker bomb was found with a piece of paper have some writing on it.

In the surveillance video, the man leaves a bag where the police fortunately found the unexploded bomb and after that, two or more men came and remove the bag of the pressure cooker and place it on the side walk. But the Police officers are not sure that these two men are connected with the man placing the bombs or not.

After the explosion, the policer officers conducted a thorough check on the area with dogs, robots and special bomb finding teams and on Sunday morning the place was declared clear.


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