Sunny Leone is the upcoming actress and model who need no introduction. Over the time she has done many movies that are bold and different from the usual Bollywood movies. This is a mixture of hot & bold actress Sunny Leone going toe to toe with Rana Daggubati. One Night Stand is going to be perceptional topic in upcoming Bollywood film industry. Sunny Leone and Tanuj Wirwani are performing as the lead role in this movie. Adult actress Sunny Leone thundered up International credit after which she slips right into Bollywood saga. All her current visits completed up as money turners only for her appearance.

Now the actress is preparing herself for the next movie “One Night Stand”. Director Jasmine D’Souza covers the movie on a budget of Rs 30 crores. Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani are the main actors in this upcoming film. Not to forget, Pradeep Sharma and Furqan Khan are the producers filming on Swiss Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner. One Night Stand will hit the screens across the world on April 8th.

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There is no doubt that Sunny is becoming a symbol of most revealing and hot films coming to Indian industry. The fact she is an adult film star make her demand much more in these kinds of films. Up till now each and every character she performs shows her credibility and market demand. Moreover she is becoming a perfect scope to gain popularity and business in a film as her mane performs as a brand in the industry.

This is going to be a huge change in Indian romantic movies as it got drama, hotness, boldness and crunchy story. “One Night Stand” is basically the future of 2016 Indian sex comedy film and will change the history of local Indian mellow dram a scope once in for all. This amazing plot  directed by Jasmin D’ Souza cast hot & beauty daring player Sunny Leone budgetary unit stellar within the film to make it huge and goes with Rana Daggubati against Sunny. For a publicity stunt Sunny Leone budgetary unit film “One Night Stand’ 5 hot posters were distributed free. Sunny as usual was looking dreadfully attractive and sexy in these posters. Sunny Leone herself promotes the movie through casual thought events, films and TV shows. No doubt these posters show a sexy and erotic version of Sunny Leone. The film will release on the floor in 2016 on 8th April all across India.


This is an exciting and thrilling movie of none other than Sunny Leone. One Night Stand is an imminent 2016 Bollywood dreamy drama film inscribed by BhavaniIyer and directed by Jasmine D’Souza featuring Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani and Nyra Banerjee.Producers of the film are Furquan Khan and Pradeep Sharma. The film is programmed for a universal release on 22 April 2016.


  • Sunny Leone
  • Tanuj Virwani
  • Nyra Banerjee
  • Narendra Jetley


The trailer of the movie can be seen here:

Release Date:

The Release Date of this movie will be April 22nd 2016


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