Monday, May 16, 2022

From Bodybuilder To Artist. Kai Greene Presents His Graphic Novel

Kai Greene has always been creative in everything, starting from his stage performance and ending up with the way he talked to his fans in his Instagram account. Kai was repeatedly described as a man with a beast’s body and an artist’s soul. Last years are associated with the end of sports career of the bodybuilder. However, farewell to bodybuilding can mean the new beginning of Kai Greene as a great novelist.

This year Kai didn’t take part in any professional competition. However, he was preparing for another significant event in his life. Recently Kai presented a comic book that took three years of hard work. The graphic novel is called ‘Chronicles of King Kai’. It’s a bodybuilding-inspired graphic story that reveals some real facts from Kai’s life combined with fantastic adventures.

The book was presented at NYC Comic Con and quickly attracted lots of attention. Most people called the graphic book ‘amazing’ and appreciated talented work of Kai Greene.

The sportsman has always been a great artist and an illustrator. However, dedicating most of his time to hard training and competitions, he always put the sport before anything else in his life. Now, when the sports career of one of the most interesting Olympia sportsman is over, he can dedicate lots of time to his hobby.

The main hero of the novel is strongly associated with Greene, having name and features of the story’s creator. Kai doesn’t deny the great resemblance, however, he calls his novel an inspirational fantasy story. Greene explained that novel was not his biography.

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