Blast in St Petersburg, At least 10 killed!
Blast in St Petersburg, At least 10 killed!

Russia faced a new air of terrorism today.

Such a sad day for Russians and for humanity as a new terrorism strike took place earlier today at St Petersburg metro station in Russia snatching away lives of almost 10 people and injuring as many as 70 people. These are just the initial reports and more words are pouring in on this devastating reality that took place earlier today.

The initial number of causalities provided by the officials is around 10. Multiple blasts shook the St Petersburg metro station in Russia today.

Blast in St Petersburg, At least 10 killed!
Blast in St Petersburg, At least 10 killed!

Two stations were targeted and two blasts took place, according to the police officials.

More details are yet to be gained but a source claimed that one of the blasts at the St Petersburg metro system was caused by shrapnel filled explosive.

Blast in St Petersburg, At least 10 killed!
Blast in St Petersburg, At least 10 killed!

A word cannot be yet given on the weight and size of the explosive material used for the two explosions but City Governor’s Press service head Andrey Kibitov gave an official statement of twitter that around 50 people were injured and the numbers are still not final. Andrey Kibitov further added that around seventeen ambulances are engaged in treating the injured.

Such a sad and blue day, killing people is never justified and we condemn terrorist attacks like this.

Pictures have emerged and doing rounds on social media platforms where the train door is totally destroyed by the blast and shows the injured people.

People were seen going frantic, losing their senses and calling out for ambulance, after all such a sad incident.

This has totally taken Russia by storm.

The two blasts took place in trains travelling between Institute of Technology station and Sennaya Ploshchad metro station.

The explosive setup blasted in the train affecting the nearby station as well.

8 ambulances were seen advancing towards the Sennaya Ploshchad metro station according to an eye witness it was a disturbing scenario over there, such a bloodshed massacre and heart wrenching scene. It kills me and everyone else here to see innocent people being targeted at the hands of heartless butchers who only God knows would gain what out of these terrorist attacks.

So far an official word on the causalities has been given by Russia’s Anti-Terrorist Committee and the number of people who have lost their precious lives to this heinous and inhumane act is cited to be 10.

Blast in St Petersburg,
Blast in St Petersburg,

People are advised not to go out at all and stay in their homes in St Petersburg today, all metro stations are closed.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin has been informed about the explosions that took place earlier today in St Petersburg according to his spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

President has paid his condolences to the families of those who passed away and of those who were injured in this explosion.

President Vladimir Putin has given no official word on what can be the cause of these blasts since it would be too early to say anything on this matter as investigations have been going on but like all he is sure that these were terrorist attacks and a huge number of people were targeted and metro station was picked as the location for blasts due to the huge number of people it could target.

President Vladimir Putin is in talks with Russian Anti Terrorist organization and the leading investigators in this case so the criminals could soon be identified and punished for their heinous actions. 

Terrorist attack in St Petersburg has shook whole of Russia