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It has been so long since we have seen a small-sized smartphone from the major flagships and thus making it difficult for many fans to get a decent small sized smartphone. It is worth-mentioning that there is a decent category of users who would like to have small-sized phones. Moreover, with the available choices, a fan of small-sized smartphones has to contend with the touch smartphones that in many cases are so huge. 

The latest rumor about iPhone 7 Mini is good news for all those users who would love to have small sized phones in their hands. Although, Apple still has to answer questions when it comes to the latest technology advancement, the phone would truly help us in reminding old days. The idea of iPhone 7 Mini is truly a mind-blowing one and it is expected to bring the new trend. Most of the fans have welcomed this idea as so many good reviews are coming in its favor on social media sites.

It is going to be so much challenging if Apple is releasing iPhone 7 and 7 plus along with iPhone 7 Mini and iPhone 6C next year. With so many different sized and featured sets released simultaneously, things can be difficult for the fans to cope up with. However, it is expected that Apple authorities will get through this challenge successfully.


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