Blake and Ryan Reynolds
(Image: Popsugar)

Blake and Ryan Reynolds Welcome Second Child and they are extremely happy with their child. Sources confirmed that the actors did not reveal about the newborn that much. They left the message through media that they welcomed their second baby with a huge adore and love.

The couple said that the newborn now would get a big sister. James, the first child of the couple who is 22 months old, will have a little companion.

Blake and Ryan Reynolds Welcome Second Child, but they yet not revealed the baby sex or the baby name. Sources state that they will get back to the fans soon with the details of their child. They are now celebrating the baby’s birth in a happy way. In fact, they declared the details about their first child James after many days of her birth. So, accordingly, they also will take time to confirm to let the world know about the second child. The Hollywood stars are now enjoying the parenthood, and they will take their time to reveal the details of the second child to public.

According to sources, during Blake’s pregnancy, the couple declared that they want to keep the parenthood in a serious way. They also mentioned that they want a happy family. After the baby’s arrival, they said that they are incredibly blessed.


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