Blair Witch 2016

The Blair Witch movie in 1999 is a group or film students came to discover the story of the Blair Witch. Every day, they face different unnatural events which they could not explain. One by one, the member continued to go missing. Blair Witch (2016) continues the legend of the Blair Witch, which is the terror of residents in Burkittsville, Maryland. This story follows the steps of James Donahue and his friends to the Black Hills Forest. The forest has a great impact on James. This is where his sister, Heather Donahue (the main character of the original Blair Witch Project) has been missing. They believe that her mysterious disappearance is related to the infamous legend here. James and his crews decide to travel into the wood to find the truth. Unfortunately, the legend is real.

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The Blair Witch (2016) inherited the strong first-person camera view from the elder. The movie is fulfilled with the camera sound, the breath, the voice as well as the dangerous whispers of the forest. The music combined with the terror on their faces will make people hide their faces behind their hands. As for those who addict to the horror movie, this film cannot be ignored.

The movie will hit the cinemas on this September 16.

The current reviews for Blair Witch are active with 8.2 points on Rotten Tomatoes. According to the top critics on this site, the Blair Witch (2016) will satisfy the horror fans, who recently have to suffer from many old motifs and annoying scaring film.


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