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In the smart phone industry BlackBerry is a big brand with its advanced technology. With confidentiality and privacy functions a given in conflicting messaging systems, the news just came in that BlackBerry is going to drop all the additional charges including the subscription charges for users of the “retract” and “timer” functions of its BBM messaging app.

In the recent market variation, BlackBerry’s share of the smartphone market has dropped;as a result it released its BBM messaging app for iOS and Android to attract new consumers, but made some functions accessible only as paid attachments in an offer to increase profits.

This time the card did not turns out to be on BlackBerry side and it has become mandatory for BlackBerry to drop the charges or else lost their clients who will move to other services. The clients’ found some of those aspects very challenging for messaging services like Snapchat’s application on making picture messages terminate after a specific time.

BlackBerry announced that it will make the modification in an update to the app, getting rid of the charge for “Timed and Retracted Messages”application, which was before 99 cents a month. The app lets BBM users to eliminate a message or picture they sent from BBM app to other person phones even though it won’t have any consequence on screenshots receivers for the incoming message. It also let them to add a gap after which a message will spontaneously disappear.

Keep in mind all the other features will still be charged, including attaining a custom PIN or user ID that will be $0.99, and getting rid of advertisements from the app that was also $0.99. The company also proposes a variety of “sticker” packs for picture messages for a price of $0.99 or $1.99. Let it be clear that BlackBerry isn’t the only company that is charging for such add-ons. Snapchat start letting recipients of its self-destructing messages to see them for a second time, but last year started to charge for extra replays.

This new version of BBM comprises other variations beyond pricing, containing the extra function to save pictures taken form the app.Other variations depend on the podium; the Android version will includes muting of notifications for group chats, showing all pictures public within a chat, and support for Marshmallow version Android 6.0.

On iOS it is now probable to record and share longer videos and to choose numerous messages for synchronized forwarding, retraction or removal.Still this is a heavy setback for Blackberry as once determined on a path to introduce their new services with an appropriate price will now have to offer these services free of cost.


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