BIO SHOCK Release Date
(Credits : IGN)

Bio shock was initially played with PlayStation 3. It gives challenging rooms and also added the concept of “museum of orphaned gallery.” This idea was first set in Ultimate Rapture Edition. This Bio shock will have the advanced version of that scenario, which will give more information about hidden contents. According to 2K, this Bio shock will have the latest versions of those scenes and this advanced version scenes are never in the picture before. New series of “Imagining Bio Shock” have added additional characters including creative director Ken Levine and led animator Shawn Robertson.

On another hand in Bio Shock 2, Multiplayer concept is not added. But if we talk about its “Bio Shock Infinite” version here they included many DLC like; the protector trial DLC, standalone story DLC, Minerva Den. On the way, there is a stage where another DLC name “clash in the clouds wave-based challenge” is also added. The stage where this DLC is added is at Burial Sea; this allows the player to control the charming character name ‘Elizabeth.” On later stage at Columbia, the makers also added handsome pack including more weapons and gear.

Bio Shock video game was first launched in 2007 on Xbox and PC. Just because of a good start after launching, within year bio shock made its way on PlayStation 3. Its second version Bio Shock 2 was launched in 2010, while the third part came into picture in 2013

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